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LED Convenience Store Lighting

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You can buy The Lighting Center’s LED lighting fixtures for convenience stores. Our LED lights save up to 75% of energy consumption, enhance customer experience, and improve the appeal of stores.

All minor as well as major establishments like supermarkets, convenience stores, and street shops cannot do without proper lighting as it plays a major role in appealing and engaging customers. They make more purchases, both impulsive and routine, in well-lit stores. LED lights do more than all this as they allow advanced customization, brand reinforcement, save energy, and even lower down power bills.

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LED Outdoor Fixtures for Convenience Stores

LED Shoebox

LED Shoe Box Lights

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LED Wall Packs

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LED Security

LED Security Lights

Convenience Store Lighting

Convenience Store Lighting

Although a similar layout makes certain lighting needs standardized, they may still vary according to the location and type of the store. You can find the perfect lighting plan for your store by keeping key areas in focus.

Lighting can play a key role in a business advertisement as it determines the attractiveness level of the store. It also decides the competitiveness of the store at being a customer’s first choice. Any customer wouldn’t want to stop by a dark gas station for the fear of security.

They might also think that the business doesn’t care about their customers. Thus, lights, like LED high bays, must be fixed on outer sunshades for brighter and wider lighting. Photo-sensor lights also work great for such areas since they work automatically as per natural light availability.


These indicators are very crucial as they draw the attention of customers towards the store and also direct them; thus, they must be brightly lit. To give them that powerful effect, LED lights would be the best. They make instructions and signs bright so they are visible from a long distance and they help customers with navigation too.

They have several other advantages too, like lower temperature operation, all-weather suitability, energy-efficient operation, longer life, and money-saving solution. They also warm up faster, unlike high-intensity lights.


Passages and parking spaces

Safety is the most important demand in such areas and this makes it very crucial for them to be properly lit so that people feel safe here. Dark passages and parking areas are more prone to crimes and accidents and adequate lighting can prevent that.

LED light fixtures for parking spaces must be damage resistant, weatherproof, and high power. Lighting in passages can be experimented with to make them beautiful, like fixing a combination of accent lights and wall-pack lights.

Wall packs with full cutoff or semi-cutoff prevent light pollution. Light fixtures for these places must possess the right IP and IK ratings, proper gaskets, and UL certifications for wet conditions. All this certifies the suitability of lights for any weather.

Indoor Lighting

The indoor lights for convenience stores need to be bright but not piercing. As per various studies, people feel happier about shopping from stores that are well lit. This results in boosted sales for the business. On the contrary, gloomy stores receive fewer customers as the products don’t appear enticing and also strain the eyes.

You must install lights in the interiors as per the ceiling. They can be suspended, fixed on the surface, or mounted with any support.

Back entries

These areas are used by employees for trash removal, making exits after shift-ends, and delivery acceptance. Such areas can have lighting fixtures like Vapor tight lights that can be mounted above the gates directly.

The lights, both outdoor and indoor, fixed in such places are more prone to humidity, dust, and water exposure. To save them from any damage, metal cages are fixed around them for more strength and protection.

Why is LED Store Lighting Better?

Best LED lights for Cold Food Storage

Nothing works best like LED lights for refrigerators and freezers. The fluorescents used frequently by stores give a low light output because they face a drop in their mercury vapor pressure due to the cooler temperatures. The result is a decline in their light production capacity by around 25%.

Traditional bulbs use immense heat to generate light and this makes them unfit for the areas with cool temperatures. The same reason works behind fluorescent lamps taking a longer warm-up time and emitting huge heat in cold storage. In such situations, employees tend to decrease temperatures further that increases power usage for balancing out the heat emission by the store lights.

LEDs are the best option for cold environments due to their lower heat requirements for light generation and least heat emission qualities. Cold Storages with LED lights save more money as the system won't need much power for balancing the heat anymore. LEDs emit heat in the range of 120 degrees unlike the 300-degree range of metal halides.

Brilliant color

Have no doubts, LED lighting amazingly brightens the color of products like food items. A slice of fresh but discolored meat will not be preferred by the customers. This worry is removed by the LED lights as they make everything look fresh.

Food items like fresh fruits and vegetables look even better with LED lightings. The special optical effect of LED enhances the color spectrum and makes products look attractive.

Support occupancy sensors

Convenience stores can save even more by fixing the occupancy sensors with LED lights that result in the perfect cost-effective lighting solution. The lifespan of LEDs increases with occupancy sensors as they cause the lights to turn on instantly and only when they are needed. This doesn’t happen upon pairing the occupancy sensors with conventional lights as they begin taking more energy and time to light up and also loose lifespan.


Although fluorescent lamps are the choice of some convenience stores still, little do they know that they are dangerous. Upon dropping and cracking, they release harmful fumes and mercury.

This doesn’t happen with the LED lights that do not crack easily upon dropping, thanks to their robust built. They also don’t need frequent replacements as they last very long for a considerable number of years. Even if they drop, they don’t pose any threat similar to the one with conventional lamps.

Shop for LED convenience store lighting solutions from The Lighting Center. They reduce energy usage up to 75%, improve curb appeal and customer experience.
Last Updated: 04/16/2021

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