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The Lighting Center is proud to present the LED car dealership lighting option with a warranty period of 5+ years. Apart from significantly improving your car sales, it will also reduce the consumption of energy by 75%, among others. At The Lighting Center, we strive to provide our customers with the top-of-the-line lighting for car dealerships, both indoors and outdoors. Unlike other ordinary industrial lighting requirements, there are several sides to an LED auto dealership lighting. When it comes to car dealerships, the quality of the lighting is the make-or-break deal between success or failure in sales. It is safe to say that the role of lighting in the car sales market is very crucial. Every lighting fixture you install needs to adhere to the overall style of your vehicle while providing the best quality lighting.

LED Shoebox

LED Shoe Box Lights

LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs

UFO High Bays

LED UFO Fixtures for indoor car dealership service bays

Linear LED Bay

LED Linear High Bay Fixtures for indoor car dealership service bays

LED Shop Lights

LED Shop Lights

LED Panels

LED Panels

LED Strip

LED Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kit

LED Troffers

LED Troffer Retrofit Panel


LED Recessed Can Retrofit Kit

Car Dealership Lighting Plan

1. Acquire information

The first line of business is to collect all the relevant information and requirements of the current indoor and outdoor space. This will help us understand what the current scenarios, which will help us make the right decisions for your car dealership.


2. Draw out a lighting plan

With the help of a lighting plan, we will be able to check and provide you with accurate levels of the expected lights; we can even show you how the lighting will look like after the installation process. You will get a better idea of how well the gym lights up, even before spending a single dollar.


 3. Finalizing The Lighting Center light plan and total cost

While drawing out the lighting plan, you will be able to check the levels of the lighting, the brightness, even light levels, removing of tunneling and shadows, etc. The Lighting Center provides you with LED lighting that will work out flawlessly for our customers.

Fixture Used

300 Watt LED Shoebox


Successful Car Dealership Conversion to LED

LED Light Installations for Auto Dealers
LED Light Installations for Auto Dealers

Car Dealership Lighting Demands

In a dealership, the showroom is one of the most important areas since it is the area where all the vehicles are lined up for sale. Attracting more customers only means more sales. Hence, the lighting in this area should be done as perfectly as possible and must shine the car to reveal its overall style, color, texture, and shape.

Of course, buying a car is not a small feat. The shiny paint, the lustrous smell of the leather seats, and the simple sound of the door opening are the first things that attract you towards a particular model. The polished interior and exterior surfaces need to radiate luxury. In these cases, proper lighting will help you highlight these particular aspects.

While a gleaming sparkle is undoubtedly the thing you need to aim for, the reflection of a particular light fixture over the bonnet of the vehicle is surely more harmful. Thanks to the age of the Internet, people tend to browse over the web for car specs and price comparison. Hence, it is very important that your clients receive nothing but the best experience that they expect – and also of your dealership.

When you are looking for lighting for your showroom, it is important that you consider both direct and indirect options; additionally, the lighting should also include the right color rendering index, temperature, and color intensity. The lighting should be placed in such a place that helps enhance the color perception; for this reason alone, it is recommended that you use a color rendering index of 90 or higher. Also, the lighting must reduce the amount of glare for the best visual sight ad effect.

Apart from highlighting the cars, the proper lighting will help you direct the attention of the buyers towards newer models. Your showroom will look a lot attractive and will encourage the buyers to stay for longer and look around. With the right lighting and corresponding ambiance, you may even be able to motivate your customers to sign the deal!

At first, halide lamps were used in showrooms; however, they were quite heavy and had a high wattage requirement. Additionally, the maintenance was a pain and the life span were quite short. These lights could not have meshed into energy-saving light control systems. On the contrary, LED lights last quite longer than their halide counterparts, could be integrated easily with an advanced light control system, and save a lot more energy.

Car Repair Lighting

Service Area Lighting: LED Low and High Bay Fixtures

High Bays

LED Lights for Car Dealerships

Why should you install LED high-bay and low-bay fixtures?

Ideally, any lighting system/fixture that you install in a service area needs to shine bright and spread the light uniformly. Then, the visual tasks and precision can be managed by the mechanics. The safety of the workers also needs to be ensured by this lighting system.

For a garage environment, the luminaires need to have an ingress protection index of more than 65. Because there will always be dust, moisture, and humidity to deal with, the brightness of these lights needs to reach the recommended requirement of 500 lux.

You need to install LED high-bay and low-bay fixtures on all four sides of the service bay. Thanks to the higher CRI, these lights are perfect for the engine bay area. The service technicians will thank you for providing ample lighting for working on the engine compartments of the vehicle.

Shop Lights

LED Vapor Tight Fixture

Vapor-proof light and shop lights in the service area are important

Commonly known as waterproof lights, vapor-proof lights need to be installed in areas that require regular hose downs or are wet and dusty. Since they are water-proof (IP rating of 66 or 67) and dust-proof, you will not face any problem with water and rinsing. They can easily be suspended on tall heights.

LEDs that are vapor-proof are constructed out of high-quality aluminum and often resistant to corrosion. The polycarbonate lenses are capable of standing against high heat and corrosive cleaning agents without sustaining any damage. Apart from a powerful performance, these lights are also economically-sound and minimize the usage of power.

Car Dealership Parking Lot Lighting

The automotive dealership’s exterior section, like the parking lot, will benefit heavily from lights that are designed specifically for parking lots. These LED lighting concentrates light into a singular direction that has an even spread; this beam of light can be directed into even far-off areas. With the help of these lights, you can ensure that all dark spots are covered so that your clients do not get a feeling of insecurity and uneasiness; your parking lot will also be a much more secure area.

Since these outdoor lighting systems have higher CCT and CRI values, bright colors on the cars will pop out much better and your buyers will be tempted to buy them. They are much better than HID lights because the power consumption goes down by 70%-90%.

LED Shoebox

LED Shoe Box Lights

If you are looking for intense broad scope lights for outdoor purposes, it is recommended that you use LED Shoebox lighting. Available in different wattages, these LEDs spread light evenly up to 80,000 lumens. A 2000-watt HID lamp can easily be replaced by a 300-watt shoebox light, all while emitting more brightness.

These types of lighting are some of the more powerful forms of LEDs available in the market today. In fact, some of them are capable of delivering about 180 lumens per watt, with a dimming range of 0-10v for effective light control. Depending on the external conditions, the zone control system will manage the light output. These are intelligent and integrated motions sensors, dimmers, and energy management systems, making them perfect for light fixtures.

Vital Considerations for Car Dealership Lighting

The quality of the light (CRI) is crucial for car dealerships

In a typical car showroom, you will find many different types of lights and bulbs, each one of which has a reflective effect on how customers see the cars. Even colors that you may not have heard about before like ensign red and iridium silver are just part of the package. It is quite common for people to buy cars in their dream colors and entice them enough to make the purchase.

It can get difficult for you to build your customer’s appetite for cars if you do not install the proper lighting system. One of the main reasons why the car’s colors are not attracting anyone is that the fixture might have a dissatisfactory color rendering index.

In simpler terms, color rendering index, or CRI, can be described as how a source of light can reveal the colors on a particular object to the human eye. It means it is a measure of how small variations in color can be manipulated and rendered by light. On a scale ranging from 0-100, the higher the CRI number, the better is the source of light for color rendering.

For the best color rendering, a CRI of 90 is considered the best option. This light source will be accurate and show the true color. For a car dealership, they should not look for anything below this; this is because the sales will depend on how the car’s colors are being rendered.


What is the ideal correlated color temperature required for a car dealership?

The color temperature of a particular light source can be described as its light in warmth or coolness. It is a visible color aesthetic and can be calculated by comparing the light source’s emissions with a blackbody radiator (specifically for lights below the CCT of 5000K) or a type of daylight (for lights above the CCT of 5000K).

For outdoor lighting, car dealerships can easily settle for color temperature between 4000K and 5000K; for internal lighting, 3000K-4000K should be good enough. As for the service bay areas, you can look into a light temperature of 5000K.

Color Temperature Logo


How do you reduce glare?

Glare is often caused by excessive and uncontrolled brightness and can cause great difficulty in seeing properly. Scientifically, glare can be described as the imbalance between the intensity of light and the surrounding brightness.

If your customers experience discomfort glare in the showroom, their experience will not be good. This is one of the reasons why you need light fixtures throughout the area. Additionally, the fixtures need to spread the light evenly to minimize glare as much as possible in a showroom.

The measure of the amount of glare in luminous products is UGR or unified glare rating. The rating is done between 5 and 40, with 4 amounting for low glare. UGR includes all the factors that contribute to glares, like the output value, angle, etc. of the source light. For a showroom, you can opt for light sources with the UGR value of 19 or below.

Most LED lights are unidirectional lights; this means that they direct light into a singular direction and minimizes light pollution. Apart from improving the overall visibility of the showroom, it also balances visual comfort and ambiance.

Top Benefits of LED Car Dealership Lights

What about energy efficiency?

More than 17,000 US-based car dealerships utilized more than 18% of the total energy than some commercial buildings in the year 2014. For a typical car showroom, lighting consumes over 45% of the total energy costs. On top of this, the increased competition between different dealerships has only increased the ‘sparkling light war’, since different dealerships were trying to ‘outshine’ one another, which lead to the loss of traditional sources and caused light pollution.

For car dealerships, the lighting expenses consist of one-third of the total operating expenditure. The NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) endorsed the EPA in 2006 and called in for an energy reduction drive of 10% or higher every year. According to the EPA, it was theorized that if car dealerships could try harder, they can save approximately $193 million, apart from cutting down one million tons worth of greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to LEDs, car dealerships now have the tools to potentially save a lot of wasted energy. Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights do not have the oxidative processes; instead, semiconductors are used to generate light that converts electric energy into invisible and visible radiant energy. On the other hand, HIDs and fluorescents produce UV radiation and heat. Also, traditional bulbs disperse light in several directions, thereby wasting most of the light in other directions.

LED lights are unidirectional, which makes them better at light distribution. Additionally, you also do not have to spend time, money, and energy fitting new fixtures. You will save a lot on energy, without having to compromise the light’s brightness and quality. 

Thanks to the number of benefits, LED lights contribute significantly to the sustainability of both the dealership and the environment. If you are looking for LED lights for outdoor uses, you will find them available in cutoff designs; thanks to this make, there is minimum-to-none light escapes on a horizontal plane. Light pollution is reduced significantly, which makes them quite environmental-friendly.

Easy to maintain

One of the few disadvantages of LEDs over traditional bulbs is the initial cost of buying. However, they do make it up for this cost in many different ways. For instance, re-lamping and maintenance costs are reduced significantly.

Additionally, your energy bills can be reduced by 75%, and you can recover the upfront cost within two years.

The thermal capabilities, power supply, and optics offer a lot of advantages in terms of longevity and performance, as compared to traditional bulbs.

Makes your cars look better than before

Thanks to the high CRI and CCT values of LEDs, they can produce bright light even during the daytime. Apart from making all your vehicles look slick, they also increase the dealership’s glamour and ambiance. This helps in converting leads to sales.

Additionally, these lights are also available in stunning contemporary designs, which help change the overall look and feel of the dealership.

The flexibility of the design

Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights are made of sturdy materials. They can also be made to custom-fit to any required size. They can be easily installed in areas that are difficult to reach, thereby removing dark spots and shadows.

On the other hand, traditional bulbs tend to look clumsy and lack this type of design flexibility.

Controlling the lights

Thanks to the dimming technology, you can operate LEDs at any output range. Apart from saving energy, it also increases the lifespans of the bulbs. Most LED lights have an instant power button, without all the fuss of warm-up or restrike times.

LED lights are less prone to degrading when switched on and off, unlike their traditional counterparts. You will also find different types of bulbs that are integrated with controls like daylight and motion sensors.

Reduction of maintenance and operation costs

Thanks to LED lighting, reducing the lighting costs in car dealerships have now become easier and sustainable. As mentioned above, you can save up to 75% of the energy and reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption, apart from reduced maintenance costs and longer lifespans.

If you want to save more money, you can add controls to your outdoor lighting – while you may not need 100% power for a time like 3 am, you can program them to go full power if motion is detected. LED lights provide a better shopping experience for your customers and save you a lot of bucks in the process.

car dealership lighting

Robust body

Instead of brittle filaments and gas, these solid lights make use of semiconductor materials. In an epoxy enclosure, LEDs are tiny chips. They are designed specifically for environments that are rough and harsh.

Lighting for all types of weather

For outdoor lighting, it is always recommended that you go for LED lights that are vapor-proof; additionally, they are also made to withstand different types of weather conditions. Hence, you do not have to worry about the season playing spoilsport on your lighting system.

Better security and safety

For dealerships, the security and safety of their customers and inventory are the first priorities. This will also keep their liabilities in check. With proper LED lighting, coupled with good design, your dealership will radiate a secure feel and look. With the help of LED lighting, everything is possible! All you need to do is ask us how.

Better impression and appeal for the buyers 

For sales, dealerships depend on foot-and-drive by traffic; without proper LED lighting, a dealership will not look appealing from the outside. If you want your dealership to provoke interest, we can work out ideas and make some changes in the lighting design of your dealership. With the right LED lights, you will be able to pique the interest of your customers.

The 5+ year warranty-backed LED car dealership lighting options from The Lighting Center are improving car sales while reducing energy consumption by 75% and more. Indoor and outdoor lighting for car dealerships offered.
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