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Commercial & Industrial LED Fixtures

LED High Bays Lights

Our LED high bay lighting is perfect for warehouses, factories, gyms. They provide clean, bright light with the added money saving benefit of energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs! 

They are the perfect lighting solution for a manufacturing facility or as high ceiling lighting in stores, among other applications. Our team is ready to help find rebate opportunities that can further decrease the cost associated with purchasing LED high bays.

LED Shoebox Parking Lot Lights

We have a wide selection of high quality lighting solutions for LED Parking Lot Lights. Made to withstand the elements, they are the perfect companion to streets, parking lots and more.

If you are looking for high power, high quality lighting for your outdoor space, check out our wide selection of LED lighting. They provide high volume of LED roadway lighting which will provide the illumination you need in any environment. Made specifically to withstand the rigors of outdoor lighting, they will remain durable and reliable through any weather, withstanding moisture, debris, and other hazards to continue to provide great visibility for you and your customers and clients every day.

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LED Flood Lights and Area Lighting

 Commercial LED flood lights are designed to provide a high-intensity bright flooding illumination. Engineered for super light quality, these lights immediately increase safety and security. 

From parking lot flood lights to stadiums and more, this is a lighting option that is trusted by professionals every day. We can easily replace 100W to 1000W Metal Halide and have high voltage options – up to 480V. Want to know how it will look before you buy? Ask us to do a photometric light study for you.

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LED Canopy Lights for Garages

We offer a wide selection of LED canopy light fixtures to meet the needs of your application. Constructed with a focus on durability, our lights are built for indoor and outdoor use. 

They can be found at parking garages, gas stations, stairwells, underpasses, and loading docks. The type of lighting and size of your fixtures will largely be determined by the application and size of your space. Our technicians are able to assist you in determining the correct fit.

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LED Food Processing NSF Lights

The Lighting Center offers quality LED Food Processing Lights which will immediately improve the lighting quality in your facility. In addition, the energy saving and reduced maintenance cannot be beat!

Our food processing NSF certified LED High Bays are tested to ensure they are safe to use in areas where consumable food is processed. Products that have been NFS certified are manufactured in a factory that maintain NSF standards.

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LED Wall Packs and Security Lighting

Among the wide assortment of LED solutions available, our LED wall packs are one of our best selling. LED wall packs are a wise investment to illuminate outdoor locations, providing extra safety and security. 

Wall pack lighting fixtures are designed primarily for security purposes. Their high quality light output makes them an ideal choice for illuminating difficult to observe areas that demand constant supervision. Built to sustain and last under harsh and humid weather conditions, they are the perfect choice for the toughest environments, providing great reliability every day. They also provide a low glare and are impact resistant, making them a great choice for just about any application.

The Lighting Center supplies commercial and industrial LED Fixtures and Retrofits for contractors and end users.
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