You may not know it, but poor parking lot lighting may be costing you business – lots of it.

Visitors, customers, and prospects may be afraid of coming to your business premises at night for fear of theft, vandalism, or getting injured. Even your employees may fear for their own safety but have no other option because they have to show up for work.

Low security is the main cause of parking lot crime. Security cameras can’t capture all the activity in a dark or dimly lit parking lot. What’s more, accidents can occur simply because people are unable to see clearly.

Parking lot owners and facility managers should do all they can to ensure security incidences and accidents are minimized. The best way to do this is by making sure parking lots are well-lit.

Good parking lot lighting boosts business in three ways.

1.      Car Accidents Are Reduced

As a business or building owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your premises in good condition. This means providing good lighting, not just filling in floor cracks or cleaning up spills. Inadequate lighting in a parking lot can be a major hazard. Drivers are unable to see clearly and may collide with other vehicles or crash into objects. If someone has a car accident on your premises, you can be held liable. Anyone driving in your parking lot should be able to see other vehicles, pot holes, and obstructions.

2.      Low Crime Rate

It need not be said that darkness and crime go hand in hand. If your employees and customers are unable to detect any movement, they can easily get mugged or assaulted. In addition, their vehicles may be stolen or broken into without the knowledge of the security personnel (who are unable to see security camera footage clearly).

Better parking lot lighting can help decrease your legal exposure and also make the area more safe for your employees and customers. It’s also an excellent way of showing your customers that they are welcome at your premises even when it’s dark outside.

3.      Less Personal Injury Incidences

When people walk in an unfamiliar territory, it is very important for them to have proper lighting. Inadequate lighting can lead to slips, falls, and other serious injuries. Hidden hazards like uneven surfaces or holes can be the cause of unexpected injuries. If you are negligent or ignorant about the poor lighting in your parking lot, you can be held accountable if people get hurt.

How to Ensure Your Parking Lot is Well-Lit: Get LED Parking Lot Lights

If you happen to be reading this post and own or manage a parking lot, do all you can to ensure the place is well-lit. If it currently isn’t, here’s how to go about getting the right parking lot light fixtures.

First, consider getting LED parking lot lights as they provide excellent brightness throughout their entire lifespans. LED lights maintain a high lumen output (brightness) throughout their lives, unlike metal halide lights which keep losing their lumens as they get older. We are not saying that LEDs do not lose their lumens, they just do it at a slower rate. Additionally, their lumen output never goes lower than 70%.

LEDs Use Less Electricity

LEDs are the most efficient of all lights and do not consume a lot of electricity. Parking lots need very bright lights, which means a lot of lumens. While HID lights can produce a lot of lumens, they need a lot of watts in order to do this. LEDs use very few watts to produce many lumens and can reduce energy consumption by up to 75%.

They Have A Longer Lifespan

Parking lot lights usually provide illumination from very high points, and changing them out can be quite expensive – especially if you have to keep changing them every now and then. LEDs last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, which means you don’t have to replace them for years. You will save money you could have spent on replacement lights as well as money you could have spent paying an electrical professional.

Slow Lumen Depreciation

Lumens dictate how bright a parking lot is, because lumens mean brightness. Since LEDs do not lose their lumens as quickly as high pressure sodium or metal halide lights, they can maintain 70% of their lumens up to the end of their lives. The same cannot be said for these HID lights which only emit 50% of their initial lumens by the end of their lifespans. With LED parking lot lights, you’ll never have to worry about some areas of the parking lot being dimly-lit while others are well-lit.

We’ve only mentioned the main benefits of LED parking lot lights, but there are many more. However, these should be enough to help you make up your mind about switching to LED technology.


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